Your Personal Journey Assessment

Discover your values and needs and how to live by them.

Get started by taking the Assessment today.  

Included in this assessment is a 30 minute Discovery Session

$150.00 CDN plus Tax

Never guess again! When you work with Caterina, she will show you how knowing what your values and needs are, and living by them, will help you create an amazing life. 

The Assessment will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.  

The Discovery Session will be used in part to discuss your results 

and create strategies around your next best steps.

There's nothing better than knowing your worth, owning your worth and living your worth!

Clarity Delivered.

Your life is waiting!  

Get what you need right now.  It all starts with you!

It's A Sweet, Sweet Life.

$150 CDN Plus Tax

Caterina Barregar

Relationship and Self Esteem Coach

Do you want to create amazing relationships? Caterina Barregar, will show you how to have a relationship with yourself first. The rest will come.  

As a Relationship and Self Esteem Coach and Women's Empowerment Expert, Caterina's  passion is working with women on their self-esteem and self-worth, in their personal and professional lives. Caterina's books and online courses provide women with information, resources and support to live the life they desire to create.

In doing so, she partners with women to work through the barriers, baggage, and beliefs that may be getting in the way of success or holding them back.  

From homemaker to CEO, she teaches and coaches women how to "Know their worth, Own their worth and Live their worth". Caterina believes "It is your birthright to be happy".

Doing this work, will help you to:

Ignite your self worth 

Empower yourself 

Release negative self talk and mistaken beliefs

Restore your trust in yourself

Remember who you are

Create healthy boundaries

Choose forgiveness

Stand in your strength

Choose Joy 

Choose Life

Caterina Barregar

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